Learn more about vendors, even when you aren't ready to demo.

Getting basic criteria from software vendors can be tough. Haggle lets you get personalized product information from sales reps, without revealing your identity and on your terms.

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Discover if a vendor meets your basic criteria, before you take a sales call.

Create an anonymous profile on Haggle. Reach out to potential vendors. Ask use case-specific questions. And get answers in a matter of hours, without getting on a demo call.

Stay anonymous while researching on a software vendors website.

From searching to pricing information to searching for certifications or system integrations, buying B2B software today often involves uncomfortable (and unnecessary) sales conversations.

Shortlisting different software vendors should be easy, especially when you’re doing all the research up front. And with Haggle, it finally is. You can get answers to your specific requirements fast, and streamline your research and vetting process, all in the same app.

Get everything you need to build your internal case, without sitting on a cookie-cutter demo call.

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Software buyers are sick and tired of form fill demo requests and endless sales emails.

Haggle’s got everything you need for software discovery, researching, and vetting, wrapped up in a single, easy to use platform. We make it easier to make your shortlist.

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Stay anonymous, until you are ready.

When you open Haggle, you’ll be asked to create an anonymous profile. Vendors can see your company name and department, but not your name, email or job title. They’ll have just enough information to give you the details you need, but won’t blow up your inbox with sales emails.

Ask questions about a product, and get answers fast.

You control the process. Establish criteria for your use case, then ask a standardized set of questions from each vendor in a pitch request. Sales reps can respond in a few hours with the brochures, video walkthroughs, pricing information, and other documentation that you need to evaluate a solution. It’s asynchronous product research, made for the 21st century.

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Collaborate with internal stakeholders.

Do all of your discussing and evaluating with colleagues, directly in the Haggle app. You won’t lose track of who said what over Zoom, Slack, email, or just while standing around the coffee machine.

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B2B software buying is changing. And Haggle is here to help you change with it.

“I like to do as much research as possible by myself when looking for new software tools. Haggle makes it easy to get the information that sellers don’t put on their websites.”

Lisa Jones - Chief Technology Officer

“I spent so much time trying to coordinate demos with sales reps, and was tired of these lengthy Haggle lets me give them the information they need to create a ballpark quote, but means I don’t have to spend time on unnecessary calls.”

Tim Foster - VP of Marketing

Get the information you need, without taking a demo.

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