75% of B2B software buyers do not want to interact with a sales rep.

We are on a mission to evolve the B2B buying process for the modern buyer.

Ask questions, collect sales materials and even message with vendors on your own time. Stay anonymous until you are ready to talk to sales.

Software Discovery Portal

Stay anonymous and get the information you need until you are ready to speak to sales.

Modern buyers prefer a frictionless buying process, free from the pressures of a sales rep. Winning companies will need to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to align with these evolving self serve preferences.

Discover if a vendor meets your basic criteria, before taking a call

When buyers are forced to request a demo to learn more, they often feel disgruntled. Persistent sales representatives, lack of transparency, and a lack of company-level personalization mean the Buyer doesn't control the process.

With Haggle, review personalized sales pitches from vendors based on your unique business needs before you decide to engage, allowing you to focus your time on the vendors that are worth your time.

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Stop wasting time on useless demos until you know if a vendor is worth your time

Get all the benefits of taking a demo, without the demo.

Software vendor messages

Answers to your questions, on-demand

The average time it takes to schedule a demo is 4-6 days. The average Haggle vendor response time is 30 minutes. With Haggle, you can chat with vendors and receive rapid responses, all while staying in control and anonymous until you are ready to engage.

Stakeholder collaboration and feedback, simplified

Simplify decision-making with built-in collaboration features that bring your evaluators, colleagues and vendors together. Make it easy for your evaluation committee to review information, add comments and score vendors.

Software vendor collaboration
Software vendor collaboration

Manage your software stack in a single platform

From discovery to decision to renewal, manage all current and prospective vendors in the Haggle platform. Say goodbye to ad hoc lists in Excel or email—view your entire software vendor pipeline in one place

Request pitches annoymously from top software companies on Haggle

All vendors

Get the information you need without taking a demo

Personalized pitches
Respond on your own time
Stay anonymous