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Haggle pitch portal

Block sales emails. Receive tailored sales pitches, specific to your business needs on your Haggle Pitch Portal. Say goodbye to unhelpful cold sales emails. Say hello to personalized pitches.

Generic sales emails are the #1 complaint when evaluating and buying software.

Now you can get personalized pitches, tailored to each department or team's needs.

Create pitch requests for each department or team

Create a software project. It doesn't need it to be perfect, just provide as many details as possible! You can choose if you want to open it up for all vendors to apply or keep it private and invite vendors.

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Receive New Pitches

Once you post your software project, vendors will begin to send you proposals. You also can invite specific vendors to apply to your project. No need to schedule demos and calls to get basic information on a vendor.

Haggle Pitch Portal In Action

Organized by department, personalized to your needs.

Evaluate vendors on your own time. Request custom sales pitches, videos and tailored answers to questions related to your software project. Chat with vendors, centralize materials, and track project progress, all within the Haggle platform.




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Convert any pitch into a software evaluation project.

Invite your internal stakeholders to collaborate on your software project, and provide feedback directly in the platform. Haggle has data on thousands of software transactions, giving you negotiation tips and transparency on the lowest pricing offered to a customer.

Receive 5+ Vendor Proposals Within 48 Hrs of Posting Your Software Project.