We are creating the future of B2B software buying

Lets face it, no one likes dealing with sales reps. Not all products being pitched are bad, but cold sales emails, unsolicited calls, and lengthy demos are unhelpful and annoying. That is why we created Haggle, a hassle-free software selection platform.

With Haggle, companies of all sizes- from startups to Fortune 500s- can discover new vendors and receive personalized sales pitches, evaluate shortlisted vendors across stakeholder groups, and manage all current and prospective vendors in one platform.

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How it works

Receive cold sales email

Redirect vendors to Haggle to answer personalized questions about your department's needs.

Create project pitch request

Specific software need in mind? Create a new project, post on Haggle, and let the vendors come to you.

Shortlist your top vendors

Review personalized sales pitches and invite top vendors to a more in-depth evaluation

Evaluate and decide on your own time

Chat with vendors, centralize documents, and collaborate with stakeholders.

With Haggle selecting software is a breeze

Finding the right software traditionally required extensive Google searches, countless emails from sales reps and numerous updates to shared Excel files.

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Find better software

The most powerful option available to buyers today is using data-driven platform to buy software.

Stop doing tedious admin work

Automate critical buying processes. Improve your software buying process with a data driven approach.

Decrease your tech stack spending

Getting better software tools, faster, for less money improves overall company profitability in the long run.

Save valuable time

Buy software without hundreds of calls, demos and emails.

Manage software buying with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency for your team.


30 day free trial. No credit card required.