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Connect with relevant software vendors, simplify your evaluation process and get the lowest pricing available. All in one simple and easy-to-use platform.

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Haggle in Four Steps ✨

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Why Haggle?

Haggle is the only buyer-driven platform to help you find, evaluate, and decide on the best software to fit your needs. We simplify the software buying process, so your team can focus on what matters most, growing your business.

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Buy Better Quality Software

The data driven nature of software buying platforms is the most powerful feature available to buyers today.

Eliminate Tedious Administration Tasks

Automate critical buying processes. Improve your software buying process with a data driven approach.

Decrease Tech Stack Spend

Getting better software tools, faster, for less money improves overall company profitability in the long run.

Reduce Time to Buy Software

Buy software with out hundreds of calls, demos and emails.

Vendor Discovery

Let the Vendors Come to You.

Once you post an evaluation project, vendors will begin to send you proposals. You also can invite vendors to apply to your project. No need to schedule demos and calls to get basic information on a vendor.

Evaluate On Your Own Time.

Software evaluations require 5+ calls. Save time with Haggle by requesting custom sales pitches, videos and tailored answers to questions related to your software project.

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Centralize Stakeholder Feedback.

On average, 6.8 people are involved in a software evaluation. Haggle streamlines this process by centralizing stakeholder feedback and comments.

Software Pricing Is No Longer a Black Box.

SaaS pricing is variable and complicated. Get transparency on the lowest pricing offered to a peer company.

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Receive 5+ Vendor Proposals Within 48 Hrs of Posting Your Software Project.


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Experts Agree: Haggle is Software Buyers’ Secret Weapon.


Collecting stakeholder feedback used to be filled with Zoom meetings, file sharing, emails, and messy spreadsheets. We have saved hundreds of hours centralizing stakeholder review and feedback with Haggle.

Lisa - COO

I used to schedule dozens of demos with vendors, only to find out the majority of them are the wrong fit for my business. With Haggle’s custom vendor proposals feature, I have eliminated demos completely.

Jim - Director of Marketing

Haggle is how every company should be making software buying decisions. Instead of searching on google for vendors, I post a software evaluation project and the vendors come to me with a custom sales pitch.

Sandra - VP of Procurement

How to Buy Software Using Haggle

The magic of software buying made easy ✨

#1. Post an Evaluation Project

Create a project proposal. It doesn't need it to be perfect, just provide as many details as possible! You can choose if you want to open it up for all vendors to apply or keep it private and invite vendors.

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#2. Software Vendors Come to You

Completely eliminate the need for demos. Instead, review personalized project proposals from relevant vendors. Once you’re ready, invite the vendors you’re excited about to join your formal software evaluation project.

#3. Evaluate Vendors

Use Haggle to ask detailed questions, chat with vendors, centralize materials, and track project progress. All without leaving the platform.

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#4. Collaborate and Buy

Invite your internal stakeholders to collaborate on the evaluation project, review vendor materials, and provide feedback directly in the platform. We have data on thousands of transactions, giving you negotiation tips and transparency on the lowest pricing offered to a customer.

Manage software buying with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency for your team.

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