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Modern buyers make 83% of purchasing decisions away from sales reps. They prefer, fewer demos, fewer calls and want to be in control of the buying process, while staying anonymously.
Give interested buyers confidence in your software by answering their questions with personalized information, all while letting them remain incognito.

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How It Works

Avoid the demo

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Find better software

No more wasting time Google searching for vendors.

Stop doing tedious Excel sheet updates

Automate critical evaluation processes.

Decrease your tech stack spending

Select better software tools faster, saving time and money.

Save valuable time

Buy software without hundreds of calls, demos, and emails.

Selecting the best software just got easier.

45% of Microsoft's software purchases were initiated from a cold sales email.

Not all products being pitched are bad, but all cold sales emails are unhelpful and annoying.

Discover the best software hidden in annoying sales emails

Find the best software without the hassle of Google searching or responding to vague sales emails. Receive sales pitches tailored to your business needs on Haggle.

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Compare and collaborate

Evaluate and collaborate with stakeholders, on your own time

Chat with vendors, centralize documents, and track project progress, all within the Haggle platform. Simplify decision-making with built-in collaboration features that bring your evaluators, colleagues, and vendors together.

Manage all your software vendors in a single platform

From discovery to decision to renewal, manage all current and prospective vendors in Haggle. Track your software renewals, maintain a record of all historic evaluations, and reduce duplicative purchases.

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Discover B2B software with the best control, speed, and transparency for your team.


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Experts agree: Haggle is software buyers' secret weapon.


Collecting stakeholder feedback used to be filled with Zoom meetings, file sharing, emails, and messy spreadsheets. We have saved hundreds of hours centralizing stakeholder reviews and feedback with Haggle.

Lisa - COO

I used to schedule dozens of demos with vendors, only to find out the majority of them were the wrong fit for my business. With Haggle, I have eliminated demos completely.

Jim - Director of Marketing

Haggle is how every company should be making software-buying decisions. Instead of searching on Google for vendors, I post a software evaluation project and the vendors come to me with a custom sales pitch.

Sandra - VP of Procurement

Take the hassle out of software buying, with Haggle.


Free. No credit card required.