Most of your website visitors aren't ready to talk to sales.

Haggle lets you connect with high-intent visitors who want personalized product information, but who don't want to start the sales process (yet).

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Capture interested website visitors.
Even when they want to stay anonymous.

Millennials killed cable TV. And now they’re killing B2B sales, too. As millennials and Gen Z move into buying positions, they want information available at their fingertips—without engaging with a sales rep. That’s a problem for sales teams who rely on demos to provided personalized information.

40% of buyers said “having to contact sales for a demo or free trial” would make them less likely to buy.

And only 25% of buyers consult sales reps at all. Instead, the new wave of B2B buyers prefers to do all their own research. On their own time. With their own trusted sources. Without being harassed by a sales team.

This means wasted ad dollars spent driving people to your website that don't convert: Lost leads. Fewer customers. And less revenue.

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When your leads are forced to make demo requests, your sales team feels the pain.

From low meeting attendance rates to never-ending sales cycles, your team feels the pain of low quality leads who are just looking for information and at the start of their buyer journey.

We know, because we’ve felt that pain as sales people. And Haggle is our effort to do something about it.

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Haggle lets you create headless leads: those who are interested, but want more information before engaging a sales cycle.

Headless leads are new, but exciting: you’ll know what company and department is interested in your product, but not a specific contact person.

Visitors can create semi-anonymous profiles, so they can request personalized product information without sitting through a demo.

Website visitors can create anonymous profiles and request personalized information.

Easily add the “Invite Us to Pitch” button to your website, in 30 seconds.

Visitors request company-specific information, anonymously.

Your sales reps send personalized content to the prospect.

The buyer review the content on their own time, with their internal team.

The buyer will reach out when they’re ready to move the sales conversation forward.

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Generating Haggle leads save your sales team loads of time.

Instead of spending time on demos that don’t convert, your team can engage with buyers asynchronously. When a Haggle lead is ready to buy, they’ll reach out and already be pre-sold, Sales Qualified Leads.

By allowing the buyer to stay anonymous, you let them do the research on their terms and feel in control of the process. But you’ll still know which companies are interested in your product. We see faster sales cycles in your future. 🚀


Majority of our prospective buyers are millennials, who can't be bothered with a demo. Allowing them to stay anonymous and selling to them on their terms has allowed us to close more deals.

Sandra - VP of Sales

Buyers today want to control their market and product research.

And when you let them get the information they need, on their terms, beautiful things can happen. You capture leads that would otherwise click away from the page and build feel-good sentiment for your brand.

Let your sales reps focus on giving unique and tailored demonstrations to the accounts that are most likely to convert

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If the idea of an anonymous lead sounds ridiculous...we get it.

We’re salespeople, too. And we understand that part of sales is to follow up with potential leads. But headless leads are those people who are juuuust out of reach—interested, but wary—and letting them request information anonymously has a lot of benefits:

Capture leads that otherwise would have been lost: 90% of your website visitors won’t click “request demo” yet. Haggle lets you still capture and nurture them.

Increase time-to-close with more serious demo calls: Your SDRs and AEs will only get demo requests from Buyers who already have you on the short list.

Improve brand experience: Buyers want to self-serve. When you let them do that, you’ll stand out from the competition.

Get better account based marketing data: When you know which companies are interested in your solution, you can build targeted ABM strategies and campaigns.


Rather than spending my time on demos that don't convert, I can engage with buyers asynchronously, on their terms. My time spent on demos is focused on closing deals.

Jim - Sr. Account Executive

Capture the prospects that get lost in your website traffic.

Haggle lets you find hidden gold in the traffic that would otherwise be lost. Give Haggle a test run by requesting information from us, anonymously. Click the button below to make a free account and see what your prospects will see.