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You hate dealing with software sales reps. Select the best software without all the emails, demos and calls from a sales rep.

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45% of Microsoft's software purchased started with a cold sales email.

Not all products being pitched are bad, but all cold sales emails are unhelpful and annoying.

No more cold sales emails. Get personalized pitches.

Compare pitches tailored to your business needs on your Haggle portal. Organize them by department and respond on your own time.

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Manage all potential and existing vendors in one place.

Keep track of all prospective and current software vendors and your communication in the Haggle platform. No more messy spreadsheets.

Stop wasting time searching for SaaS - let the right vendors come to you.

Either convert a sales pitch or create a new software evaluation project. Describe your software needs and vendors come to you or invite vendors to submit a proposal. Finding software tools has never been easier.

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Compare and collaborate with your team.

Compare vendor responses, collaborate with project stakeholders and manage all feedback in a single platform.

Discover the best software with greater control, speed, and transparency for your team.


Why Haggle?

Buying software is an annoying process. Haggle creates a no-hassle buying experience. Discover the best software at the lowest price, while limiting the amount of interactions with sales reps.

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Find Better Software

The data driven nature of software buying platforms is the most powerful feature available to buyers today.

Stop Doing Tedious Admin Work

Automate critical buying processes. Improve your software buying process with a data driven approach.

Decrease Your Tech Stack Spend

Getting better software tools, faster, for less money improves overall company profitability in the long run.

Save Time

Buy software with out hundreds of calls, demos and emails.

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Experts Agree: Haggle is Software Buyers’ Secret Weapon.


Collecting stakeholder feedback used to be filled with Zoom meetings, file sharing, emails, and messy spreadsheets. We have saved hundreds of hours centralizing stakeholder review and feedback with Haggle.

Lisa - COO

I used to schedule dozens of demos with vendors, only to find out the majority of them are the wrong fit for my business. With Haggle’s custom vendor proposals feature, I have eliminated demos completely.

Jim - Director of Marketing

Haggle is how every company should be making software buying decisions. Instead of searching on google for vendors, I post a software evaluation project and the vendors come to me with a custom sales pitch.

Sandra - VP of Procurement

Manage software buying with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency for your team.