Most of your website visitors aren't ready to talk to sales.

Haggle lets you connect with high-intent visitors who want personalized product information, but aren’t ready to talk to sales yet.

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How It Works

Prospective Buyer Requests Anonymous Pitch

Vendor Submits Personalized Response

Buyer Reviews On Their Own Time

Buyer Purchases or Requests Demo When Ready

Convert more website visitors

Focus time on qualified leads

Give buyers want they want

Shorten your sales cycle

Haggle lets sales teams capture and close interested prospects that would otherwise be lost

Capture interested buyers that want to stay anonymous

Haggle lets you capture and connect with an entirely new kind of lead that you are currently losing: those who are interested in your product, but not ready to talk to sales and want to stay anonymous until they are ready to buy.

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Give buyers the control they want

Persistent sales representatives flooding their inbox and a lack of personalization mean the buyer is not in control. Provide personalized pitch requests that delight and wow your customers, and differentiate you from competitors.

Increase conversion rates while decreasing CAC

Capture more leads with the same ad spend. Give buyers the option to ask for personalized information anonymously and capture these warm leads who would otherwise navigate away from your website.

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Modern buyers do not want to take demos until they are ready to buy

Haggle gives buyers the frictionless experience they expect, while providing the personalized support they need to make a decision

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Prioritize high conversion leads using data driven buying signals

Haggle assigns a purchase intent score to buyers using platform intera data, allowing sales reps to focus time on the leads that have the highest likelihood to convert.

Shorten your sales cycle

Move lead from interested buyer to customer quicker. It takes on average 5-7 days to schedule a demo, and multiple repetitive demos to bring along stakeholders. With Haggle, engage with buyers asynchronously. When they are ready to take a demo, they are already pre-sold and able to make a decision quickly.

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Start capturing high-intent, anonymous leads today.


Free. No credit card required.

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Experts agree: Haggle is software seller's secret weapon.


Vendors that use Haggle don't care about buyers emails. They care about getting them the information that will eventually win them over as a customer for years to come.

Lisa - Revenue Operations

Rather than spending my time on demos that don't convert, I can engage with buyers asynchronously, on their terms. My time spent on demos is focused on closing deals.

Jim - Sr. Business Development Representative

Majority of our prospective buyer's are millennials, who can't be bothered with a demo. Allowing them to stay anonymous and selling to them on their terms has allowed us to close more deals.

Sandra - VP of Sales

B2B sales is changing. Come join the movement.


Free. No credit card required.

Buyers don't want a call to get basic information