B2B software buying is changing. And Haggle is here to help you change with it.

Demo calls dominate the B2B buying and selling process today. But if we’re honest, nobody is really happy with them.
For buyers, demo calls are time-consuming and the least efficient path towards getting the basic criteria information they need. And for vendor teams, who need to follow up with buyer's requests, sales reps waste time on low-quality MQLs who are still months away from potential purchases.

In short, it’s frustrating for all sides. But it doesn’t have to be.

We created Haggle to help bridge the gap between the people who research and buy software solutions, and the people who sell those tools. It lets buyers get in touch with sales teams and ask use-case specific questions up front, while keeping their identities private. And it lets sales teams nurture leads with buyer enablement content, but focus on the demos that are most likely to convert.

In the end, it means that the demo calls that do happen, happen with highly educated, high-intent buyers who are almost at the finish line. And when everybody can close a software deal faster, everybody wins.

A win-win for buyers and sellers

Haggle gives buyers the frictionless experience they expect, while providing the personalized support they need to make a decision.

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Wow and amazing your prospects before they are ready to buy.

Deliver value to your prospects from their very first interaction.