We are creating the future of B2B software buying

Let's face it, modern-day B2B software buying is broken. Vendors are stuck in old selling patterns that focus on bombarding buyers with emails in hopes of scheduling a demo. Buyers prefer fewer sales rep interactions and want to stay anonymous while they conduct their research, but still have personalized questions. Buyers are missing these high intent leads.

That is why we created Haggle, a frictionless software selection platform built for buyers and sellers. Buyers can request anonymous sales pitches, and review personalized responses from vendors on their own time, allowing them to stay in control of the buying process.

Vendors that use Haggle don't care about collecting email addresses. They care about getting buyers the information that will eventually win them over as a customer for years to come.

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A win-win for buyers and sellers

Haggle gives buyers the frictionless experience they expect, while providing the personalized support they need to make a decision

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Manage software buying with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency for your team.


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