Pre-screen software vendors, before you demo.

Skip the demo. Request personalized sales videos.

We call it: ✨ Pre-Demo

Pre-Demo request takes less than 30 seconds.
100% free and anonymous.

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Move the right vendors forward, faster

Say goodbye to “Contact Sales” or "Request a Demo". With Haggle, vendors respond to your questions at their convenience, so you can review them at yours. It’s a flexible process proven to help you anonymously get the information you need from the best vendors faster and without any commitments.

Evaluate on Your Own Time

Vendors respond to your requests within a few hours, providing personalized video walkthroughs, pricing information, and the answers you need to make informed decisions.

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Chat Directly With Sales Reps, Anonymously

Chat with vendors directly on Haggle and receive responses instantly. No more long e-mail chains to ask simple questions. Buyers remain anonymous until ready.

Evaluate Together With Your Collaborators

Review personalized sales videos and communicate with colleagues, directly in the Haggle platform. Don't lose track of who said what over Zoom, Slack, email, or just while standing around the coffee machine.

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Trust and Security for Buyers

Vendors can see your company name and department, but not your name, email address or job title. They’ll have just enough information to give you the details you need, but won’t blow up your inbox with sales emails.

Skip the sales demo. Get the information you need, on your own time.

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Save time scheduling and coordinating demos with Haggle.

“I like to do as much research as possible by myself when looking for new software tools. Haggle makes it easy to get personalized video answers from sales reps, without having to schedule a demo.”

Lisa Jones - Chief People Officer

“I used to spend so much time coordinating initial demos with sales reps. Haggle allows me to give them the information they need to create a personalized video demo, so I can review on my own time.

Tim Foster - VP of Talent

Pre-screen vendors for every business need

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Get the information you need, before you are ready to take a demo.

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