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Not all products being pitched are bad, but vague sales emails are unhelpful and annoying.

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Each company on Haggle has a unique Software Discovery Portal — a central location to review and interact with your generalized inbound vendor sales pitches. Organize inbound solicitations by department and services provided, and request personalized responses based on your business needs.

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Have a specific software need in mind? Create a software project with relevant details, and choose to keep it private or open it up for more than 5,000 top software vendors to apply. Post your project and watch the pitches flow in. No need to schedule demos and calls to get basic information on a vendor.

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Only engage with vendors that are worth your time. No more useless sales demos and calls. Review vendor company profiles and responses to your project criteria and questions before engaging, allowing you to focus your time on the vendors that meet your business needs.

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Join the movement. More than 100+ companies have committed to only accepting sales solicitations on Haggle. Stop getting annoying emails and LinkedIn messages. Haggle helps make sales pitches go from annoying to informative.

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Now your team can get personalized pitches, tailored to your business needs.

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