Build the software evaluation process you’ve always wanted

Haggle helps increase buyers' confidence in purchasing high-quality software. Chat with vendors, centralize materials, and track project progress, all within the Haggle platform.

Software evaluation

Enable software purchasing teams to make more strategic and impactful buying decisions

Compare and evaluate software

Compare and evaluate software, on your own time

Modern buyers prefer little to no sales rep interactions. Request custom sales pitches, videos, and answers to your specific project questions. Compare vendor responses, on your own time.

Communicate with vendors, anonymously

Buyers want answers to their questions on-demand. With Haggle, you can chat with vendors to ask questions that do not require detailed emails or a virtual meeting. Ask all prospective vendors the same questions and compare in minutes.

Software vendor messages

Let your evaluators get back to their day jobs

An average of 11 stakeholders are involved in a B2B purchase. Manage all feedback in a single platform with Haggle.

Software vendor collaboration

Stakeholder collaboration and feedback, simplified

Simplify decision-making with built-in collaboration features that bring your evaluators, colleagues and vendors together. Make it easy for your evaluation committee to review information, add comments and score vendors.

Receive transparent pricing

Purchase with confidence, knowing you're getting the best deal on your software. Haggle has data from thousands of historical vendor evaluations to provide you with negotiation tips and the lowest possible pricing.

Software vendor pricing

Assess B2B software with the best control, speed, and transparency for your team.


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