Inbound Sales

Install a call to action that buyers actually want to click

Most of your website visitors are interested in your product, but aren’t ready to talk to sales (yet).

Haggle gives you a platform to nurture and engage with the interested prospects in “research mode”, before they are ready to demo.

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Focus on the conversations most likely to convert

Haggle lets prospective buyers make semi-anonymous profiles and ask you for personalized product information.

Your team can give them the information they need during the research phase, but focus demo efforts on accounts that have already put you on their shortlist.

Engage and delight buyers on their terms

It only takes 2 minutes and our pre-canned code snippet to install the button.

Capture the leads you’re currently losing

Offer more than “Request a demo”. Instead, use Haggle to nurture prospects who are interested, but who are still in the pre-sales research and discovery phase.

Here's how Haggle works

Start for free today

Connect with the people who are a step of MQLs, but a step behind SQLs. All it takes to get started is a few clicks.

Register for free

Sign up to be part of the free beta test for software vendors.

Add the CTA to the website

Then let buyers request anonymous pitches. No code required.

Nurture prospects

Respond to pitch questions through the Haggle platform.