Manage your software stack in a single platform

From discovery to decision to renewal, manage all current and prospective vendors in the Haggle platform.

Vendor management

Say goodbye to ad hoc lists in Excel or email—view your entire software vendor pipeline in one place

All Vendors

Manage all vendors in a single platform

Haggle creates one centralized, searchable platform for all your vendors. Search for contract data, quickly see what you need to focus on right now, and understand what options are most strategic for your organization.

Organize all past evaluation records

Maintain a record of all past evaluation comments, communication, and notes. Prevent loss of valuable knowledge held by employees who leave the company, saving your team time and stopping redundant work.

Stakeholder approval

Prevent rogue and duplicative spending

See which software tools are being evaluated and purchased across your organization, preventing duplicate and unnecessary spending. Ensure all employees are following company procurement policies when selecting vendors.

Stay ahead of renewals and key milestones

After you have selected a vendor, stay on top of your active spending and vendor relationships. Collect feedback on vendor performance to address red flags before they arise. Anticipate whether you will renew contracts or give yourself plenty of lead-time to go back to market when vendors are missing the mark.

Software renewal

Manage your software stack with ease

Never miss a renewal
Manage all SaaS vendors
Decrease tech stack spend

Manage software buying and renewals with greater speed, accuracy, and transparency for your team.


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