For B2B Software Vendors: Outbound Sales

Get more outbound email responses.

Adding Haggle as your email call-to-action gives interested buyers who are not ready to demo, a way to ask questions and request sales materials on their terms. See your outbound email conversion rate skyrocket 🚀 70% from buyers who would have otherwise not responded.

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Include the Haggle CTA link in your sales emails.

Modern buyers have demo fatigue. They don't want to schedule a call, instead they prefer a self-serve buying experience.

Haggle lets you amaze and delight these leads into customers without the pressure or feeling of being sold to.

Engage with buyers who won't take a demo (yet)

Over 95% of prospective customers will not respond to cold sales emails when the CTA is to get on a call. Give them an alternative that meets their needs to review information on their time.

Focus on high-intent leads

When a Haggle lead is ready to buy, they’ll request a demo and already be pre-sold, Sales Qualified Leads.

Increase outbound email engagement rate by 70%.

B2B buyer preferences have changed, but your email call-to-action has not.

The Haggle call-to-action increases outbound email engagement 70% by giving interested customers the option to learn and discover your product on their own terms.

See How Haggle Works: Outbound Sales

Start using Haggle today!

Haggle lets you connect with high-intent visitors who want personalized product information, but who want to stay anonymous until they are ready to start the buying process.

Free for Sales Reps

Register for Haggle's sales rep free beta.

Generate Email CTA Link

Add the Haggle email CTA link to your outbound emails, allowing buyers to request anonymous pitches. No code required.

Engage with Buyers

Respond to buyer pitch questions and sales material requests on the Haggle platform. Nurture leads into an demo.