Let Buyers Experience Your Product on Their Terms

Buyers want a personalized video walkthrough they can review on their own time. All while staying anonymous - no more form fills, spam, and pressure from sales reps.

Haggle is your Pre-Demo sales platform to reach, influence and engage with buyers before they are ready to demo or speak to sales.

How Haggle Works

Install the Pre-Demo call-to-action on your website in less than 30 seconds

Prospective buyer asks questions anonymously using the Haggle form

Receive their questions and record a personalized video response


noun [ pur-ee ˈdemō ]

1: A call-to-action that lets buyers ask questions and request a personalized short form video walkthrough, anonymously.

2: A way for vendors to engage and influence buyers during the research phase of the buying journey.

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Want to learn more, but don't want to talk to sales?
Request a Pre-Demo video instead

No email required. 100% anonymous.

What Can You Do With Haggle?

Engage with Buyers

Increase Website Conversions

Haggle lets you nurture interested buyers who want to ask questions and request sales materials, but are not ready to demo. When you let buyers get the information they need on their own terms, beautiful things happen.

Offer a Better Buying Experience

Haggle shows you the prospect's company name and department, but not their name or email address. You can provide the information buyers need without spamming their inbox, facilitating engagement without pressure.

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Provide On-Demand Service

Haggle lets you chat with buyers and answer questions instantly. No more long e-mail chains to respond to simple questions. Let buyers stay private until they are ready to speak to sales.

Add "Pre-Demo" to your site in minutes. 100% free.

Register and receive custom Pre-Demo link

Sign up is free for software vendors and takes less than 30 seconds.

Add Pre-Demo CTA to your website

Give buyers who aren't ready to speak an alternative option to Request Demo

Nurture prospective buyers

Respond to Pre-Demo requests on the Haggle platform.

Get started today
100% free, 30 seconds to install.

Accelerate your pipeline. Improve your conversions. Reduce go-to-market waste.

Capture the leads you are currently losing by offering more than just "Request a Demo."
Use Haggle to demonstrate personalized solutions, before prospects are ready to talk.